Digital Rajneeti

It is more than a platform because it is “The Political Game Changer”.

Who we are?

Digital Rajneeti is a political consulting and campaign management firm that aims to empower the country by bringing political parties, their potential candidates and powerful citizens closer to one another. Our expertise lies in providing web and mobile based applications that assist in end to end political campaign management activities which include fundraising, digital marketing, data analytics, social profiles management, online networking and internet presence management.

Digital Rajneeti is a platform that will change the way politics is played!

What we do?

It’s time that we all go back to one of the basics of marketing: It’s about understanding your consumers’ interest. We need to be where the audience is and we need to keep them engaged at every possible touch point.

With mobile usage now surpassing desktop, our ecosystem is making us adopt new methods of election campaigning. The law of advertising economics says that money follows where there are eyeballs. Digital Rajneeti gives you the right people and platforms that will align with your digital campaign strategy and help you reach a wide yet targeted audience that is as enthusiastic as you are, about building a powerful nation. And all this is provided within your controlled marketing budgets!

How we do it?

We understand that in the political arena, appropriate branding of candidates is critical to the success of a campaign and political party advertising needs to be hyper-targeted. Quickly switching to different methods, trying new approaches to connect with the clients desired audiences and managing a social media ad campaign for a politician is a 24/7 task. And we are ready to burn the midnight lamp for this!

Why we do it?

Digital Rajneeti envisions the power of digital marketing and feels it is extremely gratifying to have the opportunity to change the projected course of an event, and impact the political landscape of a constituency, city or the country so greatly.


Digtial Rajneeti brings you a digital platform that works and delivers digital campaigns that win.
Market Research

Deep search on trend and habit to create a good opportunity for commercials.

SEO Marketing Programs

Highest standards for SEM campaign management. We are fully qualified Google Partners.

Content Creation & Management

Content strategy, marketing, creation, promotion, content analysis, and data visualization project.

Brand Strategy & Planning

The selection of interesting concept and effective advertising can increase brand awareness.

Social Media Marketing

Deliver the best result user generate content advertising relies on testing and optimization.

Creative & Experience Design

Fresh juicy combining art and analytic. From big idess with big attitude,w create impressive creative work.

Digital Media Planning

The selection of interesting concept and effective advertising can increase brand awareness.

Mobile Marketing

Scalable and Affordable budget to achieve top performers by various digital channel combination.

Technology & App Development

Application functions develop ranging from entertainment, information, and creative applications.


We develop, implement, manage and optimize every aspect of your digital effort.

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Each component of your digital platform is built to engage a specific audience and achieve the specific goals of the campaign. We never forget about the user experience. Digital reaches real people every day.

  • To create Brand USP
  • Create an attractive Social Media Marketing Strategy.
  • Increase in Brand Awareness
  • Campaign Strategy and Communications
  • Display Thought Leadership
  • Audio/Visual Presentation
  • 3D Walkthroughs
  • LED Display Ads
  • LED Video Presentation
  • Social Media Management
  • Pay Per Click Ads(Mobile Ads ,Display Ads)
  • Reputation Management
  • Video Marketing
  • Email Marketing
Content Generation
  • Political Content Branding Positioning
  • Slogans
  • Tagline One liners
  • Copy Writing
  • Advertorials
  • News Article
  • Press Release
  • Blogs
Marketing Collaterals
  • Corporate Identity Branding
  • Brouchers & Flyers
  • Hoardings,Poster,Online Banners
  • Marketing Collaterals -Online & offline
  • Event
  • Executive & Staff Training Sessions for Volunteer
  • Social Media Set-up & Training
  • Conducting Campaign